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When did Google buy a company?

 When did Google buy a company?

The Internet is the world's largest company providing services and selling its products, with a journey spanning two decades.

Founded in 1998, this American company not only boasts of a search engine, but also has products that are extremely beneficial to the world of technology.

Here is a mention of Google's remarkable product which it did not create on its own, but bought it from the companies that made it and made it part of their company.


The first product that Google bought and made its contribution to is the Android mobile system, which was first made by Android Inc. Corporation in 2003.

Android system makers Andy Robin, Rich Minor, Nick Sears and Chris White received the first $ 10,000 offer to buy the system, to which they responded to offerrs that they believe in this invention.

Previously, this system was made for cameras, but later changed to a mobile-running system.

Google bought it in 2005 for $ 5 million, while all four of its founders became part of Google under the deal.


Google's second product is lacking in definition, and almost every user that uses the Internet is compatible with YouTube.

This video-sharing platform was created not just by Google but by youngsters like Steve Chen, Chad Harley and Javed Karim in 2005.

In this regard, its owner, Javed Karim, says he came up with the idea for the website after the 2004 tsunami, when at one time it was difficult to collect too many videos, he thought about creating an online video sharing website.

Google purchased this website on October 9, 2006 for $ 1.25 billion and has owned it ever since.

Double click

The third major Google-bought company is DoubleClick, which Internet Giants bought in 2008 for $ 3 billion.

This company, DoubleClick, offers advertising services on the Internet created by Kevin O'Connor and Dwight Merryman in 1995.

The story of this product is different from other products because it was first purchased by Google in partnership with Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity in July 2005, after which Google acquired it.


Adobe is an acronym for Advertising on Mobile, a company that works to deliver advertisements to its clients on mobile.

Admob was created in 2006 by Omar Humayi, an evening-resident while studying at Warton School in Pennsylvania.

The well-known mobile phone company Apple has also expressed its desire to buy the product, but Google bought it in November 2009 for $ 75 million.


It is a travel industry software development company developed by Richard Aiken in 1996 with the help of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Cooper UWIN.

The company's first product was air travel rental software, KPX, used by major airlines and travel companies around the world.

Google made the company a part of its company in July 2010 with $ 70 million in cash.


Who is not currently familiar with Motorola Mobile Phone? Motorola has a unique identity in the Pakistani market.

The company came into existence in 1928 under the name Motorola Inc., when it lost $ 4 billion 30 million between 2007 and 2009, it was split into two parts called Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions.

Google bought Motorola Mobility in 2012, but also sold it to Chinese company Lenovo in 2014 while retaining more shares.


Waze is a mobile application that guides passers-by, the application is only available on mobile phones or tablets.

An Israeli company developed it in 2006 but in 2009 it was renamed Weiss Mobile Limited.

Google also bought this mobile app in June 2013 and this time Google spent $ 96 million to purchase the product.

Google Nest (Nest Lab)

Google Nest Search Engine is the company's product that helps them develop smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras.

The company was founded in 2010 by Tony Fidel and Matt Rogers, a former engineer at Apple Inc., where it initially received great buzz, after which Google expressed interest in buying it.

Google later bought it in January 2014 for US $ 3 billion.

Deep Mind

It's a nervous engine product that mimics the human brain or, as it says, the ability to think.

Based on the same technology, the youngsters like Dames Hasabez, Shen Leigh and Mustafa Suleiman created Deep Mind in 2010.

Google bought the company in 2014 for US $ 50 million.


Hi-Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation is a Taiwanese electronic company whose main products are laptops.

was founded in 1997 by a Taiwanese female Cheer Wang and entrepreneur, HT Touch.

Smartphone brand HTC's hardware design and research team contributed to Google's creation of the Pixel Phone.


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