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If so how to get ourself famous on tiktok and likee get 10m tiktok fans

1 Introduction
Set up an attractive and concise profile.
Your profile explains a lot about your information and the type of content you create. With attractive profiles, you can attract the attention of the first person who accesses your profile. Highlight your identity, but please do not provide your profile information too much.

2. Hashtags

Use a trending theme tag for your video.
Take advantage of trending topic tags and songs as the system displays your videos via the hashtag. You can make videos related to the current popular tags and use them in the title. Sometimes people use theme tags to deal with viral attacks. This is an ideal opportunity to create a video that can be placed in front of many people.

3. Original

Try making an original video.

If you are confident and have the right talent, create an original content video. A large number of users make lip sync videos. If you can create something original, you are more likely to stand out. In addition, the most famous influencers on Tiktok are named by the original material provided.
4. Original soundtrack

Use the appropriate audio track for your video.
Choosing good music for your Tiktok video is very important. We can't taste, sniff or touch the video, we can only solve this problem by watching and listening. The Tiktok Library offers a variety of soundtracks, but you must choose the best soundtrack or use your own soundtrack to make pure gems.

5. Quality

Upload high quality videos.

If you want to be popular, you must be one of the users' interesting, high quality videos. The better your video, the more popular your video will be. It doesn't matter if you can't afford a professional camera, but if you have a better camera, use it. And make sure to match the background music of the video, not the background noise.

6. Quantity

Upload videos at least once a day on a regular basis.

There are many users on this platform, and some users have uploaded several videos. The more videos you upload, the more viewers you get. But please ensure the quality of your video before posting. Then, the best way is to make the videos as planned and set the regular publishing mode for those videos. Persevere, your fans will increase rapidly.

7. Participation

Stay in touch with the audience.

Once your fan base is growing, you should take a closer look at the types of people who choose to follow and seize every opportunity to interact with your fans. You can reply to their comments on your video. You can connect your audience, take the time to watch their videos, comment and interact with their content.


Comment on videos from other users.

Research other people who make type videos - especially those who do well. Comment on their videos who have more fans than you, because when their fans see your comment, you will be impressed. Remember, you should write compelling comments.

9. Social

Use your social platform.

If you run other social media channels, please promote your Tiktok content there. You can easily share a video trailer on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Clearly state your identity and the type of video you will share. You can ask fans to share your content.

10. Cooperation

Work with others.

If you have 100, don't let people collaborate with 40k fans. Find other people in your area and work together. Look for others who make videos that cover similar topics and cater to the same type of audience as you. If you can shoot a video with someone else they care about, your audience will like it. If you live in the same place as someone, you can even combine them.

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