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What is the difference between RAM and ROM

What is the difference beWhat is the difference between RAM and ROM,
What is the difference between RAM and ROMWhat is the difference between RAM and ROM

or ROM and RAM? Both ROM and RAM are a kind of storage technology, but the two principles are different. RAM is random storage, power loss will not save data, and ROM can save original data in case of power failure. Both ROM and RAM refer to semiconductor memories. The original meaning is: ROM is the meaning of Read Only Memory, which means that this memory can only be read, not written. RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. The word comes from the fact that early computers used drums as memory, while drums and tapes were typical sequential read and write devices. RAM can be read and written randomly.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM
Generally speaking, for example, in a computer, everyone knows that there is memory and hard disk. In fact, memory is a kind of RAM technology, and ROM is similar to hard disk technology. Both are memories, but the speed of RAM is much higher than The speed of the ROM, in the daily operation of the computer, many programs store the temporarily running program commands in the memory, but once the power is turned off or the power is turned off, the program information temporarily stored in the memory will be completely emptied, that is, the memory can only be temporarily Stored things, can not be stored for a long time, and ROM can be stored, even if the power can be found can also find the previously stored files, thIn the mobile phone, RAM refers to the phone memory. For the performance of the mobile phone, in addition to watching the mobile phone processor is to look at the memory, the larger the memory, the better the phone configuration, the current mainstream mobile phones are 1G memory (RAM), relatively high-end mobile phones With 2G memory, due to technical limitations, there is currently no 4GB memory phone in the market. The mobile phone ROM refers to the mobile phone memory.

 For example, the mobile phone memory SD card belongs to the ROM category and is used to store mobile phone system files, pictures, music, photos, and the like. The larger the ROM, the larger the phone can store. The current mainstream mobile phone storage is 16GB, the higher the 32G, 64G, the larger the capacity, the more expensive the general mobile phone. Many mobile phones of the same model are made by ROM capacity. Divided.is is the hard disk.tween RAM and ROM

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