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Foods that protect the eyes from diseases

Foods that protect the eyes from diseases

Eyes are an invaluable gift of power. We usually buy sunglasses for the protection of the eyes, which protects the eyes from the bright rays of the sun during daylight. It also gives you a fashionable style. In the end protects your eyes from fatigue, but along with sunglasses, eyesight-enhancing foods and drinks are of the utmost importance that we should include in our daily diet which keeps our eyes healthy.
Vegetables rich in beta carotene:
Beta carotene is a red and malt colored pigment found in various vegetables and fruits. This pigment gives these vegetables and fruits a deep color and the son carotene vegetables are extremely beneficial to the health of the eyes and are listed in these vegetables. Carrot, which is rich in Vitamin A and carotene, is very beneficial for eye health which gives the eye a strong absorption of light. Euta-carotene contains other vegetables such as salty pumpkin sugar, etc. Vegetables are very important for health
Everyone knows that water is life and water is very important for the health of the eyes as well as the health of our whole body. In fact more than 60% of our body is rich in water, so it is important to energize the eyes as well as the whole body. Should drink at least twelve glasses of water a day and thank God that He has given us this great blessing.

Dark colored vegetables:

When the sun shines from its climate and burns everything in the summer, why do the leaves of the trees fall dry and remain green in such a sunny sun? This is due to the two biochemists present in them are Lutein and Xyzanthan and both of these chemicals are also present in our eyes, which protect the eyes from many diseases. Prevent the eye from reaching the retina and act as a natural sunblock. Dark-colored vegetables are rich in gluten and zeaxanthin, including the top spinach, is saag hai nail, closed cabbage broccoli, etc.


Eggs are a great source of gluten and xyzanthan to prevent the effects of aging on the eyes.
Omega Three:
Omega-3 fatty acids are found in grain dry fruits and fish, and its biggest benefit to the eyes is that it protects the eyes from dryness, according to research by many computer and mobile users who use Omega. They use computer vision syndrome and dry eye diseases to reduce their chances of developing diseases and their eyes do not get tired during work and are unable to cope with Omega-3 cereals. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, etc., and last in dry fruits Almonds include cashew nuts and hazelnuts etc. The best sources of omega-3s are fatty fish and seafood such as shrimp, etc. Beef is zinc-rich. Zinc prevents the effects of aging on the eyes and the eyes. Strengthens the muscles of the eye. The eyes themselves also contain a large amount of zinc, which is especially involved in the retina of the eye and the tissue that spreads around the retina.
Streets Fruits:
Stress fruits are rich in Vitamin C and the Vitamin C contained in Stress Frots contains antioxidant properties that are very beneficial to the health of the eyes and these fruits are also seasoned today, so fill the canoe maltose grapefruit etc. Eat

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