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Somewhere in your mobile phone these 9 apps don't even exist?

Somewhere in your mobile phone these 9 apps don't even exist?
Somewhere in your mobile phone these 9 apps don't even exist?
A recent report by Trend Micro warns Android users about dangerous mobile apps that can cause dangerous viruses on Android devices.

From Huawei to Samsung, smartphones are the most used devices in the world. But if you also have Android devices, you should also be aware that such applications are not installed on your mobile.

Cyber ​​Security and Defense Company (Trend Micro) in its report warned Android mobile users of Google apps that could damage your mobile data and phone.

A recent report from Trend Micro reveals that there are 9 mobile apps that can cause malicious viruses to attack your mobile phones and damage your mobile data.

The report says that recent research has revealed that there are a variety of harmful optimizers, boosters and utility apps available on the Google Play Store that can be easily accessed by remote and configuration services on your mobile. They can download different types of viruses, fraud aids and more than 3,000 viruses across the devices.

According to researchers, the disturbing thing is that these dangerous mobile boosting apps have been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

The report added that an estimated more than 3,000 viruses that can be downloaded to easily infected mobile phones control your mobile system, so their icons are not visible in your mobile applications list. Utility.

While cybercriminals can use these devices to provide false positives about these harmful apps and to click on ads that 'popup' these apps using fraudulent aids.

Fortunately, Google has removed all 9 of these apps from the Play Store, but users should thoroughly investigate any app before downloading it.

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