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Laser Hair Removal in Fremont, CA THE INFO ALL

Laser Hair Removal in Fremont, CA THE INFO ALL
With the Cerrone Candela Gentile Yag Pro Pro System, most men and women are getting rid of unwanted physical hair with modern laser hair removal treatments. Under the guidance of renowned aesthetic expert, Tariq Mirza, MD, the team at Ariba Medical Spa in Fremont, California, can help you achieve the smooth skin you've always wanted. Set your laser hair removal tips using an online scheduling system, or call a clinic.
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
During your laser hair removal session, your aesthetic expert glides on the Candela handheld laser device in your treatment. Each pulse of light targets the hair follicles and treats it lightly. If you have some hair loss during your treatment, most treated hair shedding takes time.
In the weeks ahead, the treated hair will gradually fall off by itself. Gently removing your skin can minimize collision problems, and help speed up the process of shedding. When the hair is reabsorbed and grown, it looks lighter and thinner. Finally, after several treatments, the treated hair must stop growing together.
Am I a laser hair removal candidate?
Ideal candidates for laser hair removal have traditionally included men and women with thicker skin and darker hair follicles. The reason for this is that the laser is attracted to darker shades of hair.
However, with the advancement in laser technology, the need has increased. With the Revolutionary Candela System, you can qualify for treatment, even if your skin is darker or lighter. Powerful Candela 1064  YAG laser is effective for all skin types and hair colors.
When will I see results after laser hair removal?
Most men and women experience hair loss within a week or two after their first appointment. Depending on the color and complexity of your hair, you may need six sessions or more to achieve maximum results.
Although hair removal is the only sustainable solution for lasers on smooth skin, occasionally, some hair begins to grow again. This is usually due to hormonal changes caused by the new addition to the hair. If you start seeing some hair after your treatment is completed, the team at Ariba Medical Spa can schedule a touch up visit to address this issue.
Is laser hair removal painful?
Absolutely not. Dr. Mirza and his team want your laser hair removal treatment to be as quick and painless as possible. If needed, they have topical nourishing cream to minimize your discomfort in sensitive areas.
Also, the Gundlag Pro Pro Laser features the fastest dual-wave removal laser removal of Candela's patented large spot delivery system. Since this system covers a large area in a short amount of time, you will be in and out of the info aoffice.
Consult at Ariba Medical Spa to see if removing your laser hair is right. Schedule through the online booking system no
 or call the info all clinic.

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